Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Truth

A friend pointed out this project Janet Jackson is doing. Here is the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brainchildtruth
It's going to be a docu movie about transgenders worldwide. However, it does seem to focus on transwomen initially. I would love to join the movement so to speak so I sent an email asking if I could be a part of this project. I only just sent it a few minutes ago so I will have to wait and see what they say.

It does make me wonder. Most people, when they think of transgenders they think of male to female people. They stand out. You often keep noticing there's something different about them unless they have extensive surgery. Female to male transgenders often blend in much more. They don't stand out in a crowd. You don't notice and they don't mind. They want to be seen as men and not as transgenders, so they tend to keep silent. As a result they disappear. Male to female transgenders are more common anyway then female to males so it's already a smaller group. I am part of the minority of the minority. I do have peers. I know I do. I know they are out there and I have found some of them. There is a FtM fitnessgroup on facebook that has over 500 members! 500? Is that a lot? For a facebook group, worldwide? More are joining every day though. So I know there are others and I'm not alone.

In the meantime, in the big bad world that I live in, most of the time when I tell people I'm transgender they tell me they never met anyone like me. Or if they do it's an MtF. Knowing I'm not alone doesn't mean that I'm not alone in everyday life. I am. I think most of us are. I told people at work they can ask me about the whole transgender thing but they don't. Every now and then people will make a remark trans related in a playfull way but that's pretty much is. They don't know what to ask and as long as they are not directly confronted with that fact that this is really happening they won't ask. They won't have to think about it. Not until I start my hormone therapy and things become more obvious. (I really can't wait till I can grow a huge ginger beard!) I know I can't force people but I do wish people would show more of an interest because I know they don't know anything about it and they are forming their own opinions about it in their heads without the proper information. When I start my hormones and get surgery it will still come as a surprise to them. They will not be prepared and they won't know how to react. This is why I feel there should be more information available about this. Not just if you go looking for it but really out there. So people will know. Just like people have information about lots of other topics they don't encounter every day but comes in handy when you do bump into it and need to know so you can deal with the situation without looking like a fool and risking anyone getting hurt. People are afraid of new things but they often find that once they know more about it, it's not as scary as they thought and it's quite alright. So I'm hoping I can get more information out there and start a proper discussion about this so people like me won't have to deal with misunderstandings, fear, disgust and rejection all the time.

SO, if anyone has any questions for me LET ME KNOW! I will answer them as best as I can at the moment.

Thank you for reading.

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