Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a suggestion: deadlifts.

As a group fitness instructor I see a lot of people doing the same thing at the same time. That way you really notice the little differences, little variations people create to make things easier or because they don't fully understand what they should be doing and which muscles they should be using. There are things that I see happen over and over again so I decided to hand you a little tip, a suggestion if you will. Just one at a time so next time you're in your workout you don't have to think of a million things at the same time and can't get a single one right because it's too much.

Today my suggestion is on deadlifts. Keep your shoulder blades together. As you have an orange squeezed between them and don't want to lose it. Even when you tilt all the way forward, don't lose your orange! What happens if you drop your orange? You lose tension in your upper back and all the weight will be hanging from your shoulders, pulling at your joints. If you hold on to your orange your muscles will actively carry the weight and.... get stronger. Another thing that tends to happen if you drop your orange is something in your lower back. Your upper back and lower back are connected and if you change something in one place, the other will respond. Dropping your orange and letting your shoulders come forward often makes your lower back become round and in turn you will actually stretch those muscles instead of making them stronger. And of course your butt is connected to your lower back and your hamstrings are connected to your butt and there you have it. No result anywhere just because you dropped your orange. Isn't that a shame? So, next time you do your deadlifts, think of oranges.
If you have any other suggestions, post them in the comments below so other people can read them as well. Thank you.

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